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"Truly revolutionary…"

“This stuff is truly revolutionary. The concept behind Social Circle Mastery is 'farming versus hunting'. When you are doing cold approach you are basically going out hunting, and what Braddock teaches you to do in SCM is plant lots of seeds and build a lot of passive attraction so that your seeds will be there for the taking when you are ready to feast. The other great thing about SCM is that it's about a whole lot more than just gaming girls in your social circle. It teaches you how to be 'the man'. It breaks down why and how the guys who are at the tops of their social circle trees are where they are. It also is extremely useful for networking in general and just moving up in the world.

This is probably the single best Love Systems product out there.

P.S. I also want to point out that if you are one of those guys who think you already have a pretty good social circle and don't really need help in that area of your life...wrong! I'm not saying you don't need help in that area. What I am saying is you will be able to blow up if you use this stuff alongside with what you have already accomplished.”

- I.M., Worcester, MA

"Absolutely loaded with information"

"Social Circle Mastery is absolutely loaded with information on how to build the life that most men crave.  There was some truly eye-opening information on display by Mr. M throughout, I couldn't recommend him enough as an instructor."

- G. J., London, UK

"You can see the matrix…"

"It's just frickin crazy! You can see the matrix! This seminar will enable you to immediately understand every social interaction and relationship and learn how to form and shape them for your benefit. I am posting now, about 4/5 months after taking the seminar. I was incredibly pumped right after taking the course, as most are, but I thought I would wait to put my new skills into practice, and then report. I’m more excited now than I was then! Everything you hear about this course can't even do it justice! It will blow your mind! I can't think of anyway such little money has ever or could ever change my life so dramatically, so quickly.

Especially for those just beginning to learn game, you should just start by getting this course ASAP no matter what it takes. The dividends are amazing and just increase exponentially over time, so start now. 3-5 months and you should have several 9/10s in striking distance!

I’m indebted to Braddock and Mr. M for life! Thank you! "

- H.W., New York City

"Ideas you wish you had thought of..."

"I would call Social Circle Mastery the best collection of ideas that you wished you had thought of."

- S.N., Providence, RI

"Something EVERY guy should know..."

"Social Circle Mastery is truly something I believe EVERY guy should know. Even if you love cold approach and don’t plan on building a social circle at the moment. 1) it takes awhile to build a social circle so starting early is actually a good thing to do and 2) Most guys wont want to do cold approach forever, one day they’ll want to be able to sit back and let the girls come to them.

The implications of what you’ll learn and what you could do with it are very far-reaching. Even if you think you have no use for SCM, I bet you’ll find you do! You wont be disappointed!"

- S.Y., Los Angeles, CA

"Truly cutting edge stuff … so new that you’re not going read it in any book…"

"This is truly cutting edge stuff. I can honestly say that I haven’t seen or heard of any of these concepts floating around in the community. If you are only depending on cold approach to meet women, you are missing out on such a huge area of pickup. Once you’ve built your Social Circle, a lot of the work that you do in cold approach has already been done FOR you. I’ve realized that if I truly want to have an abundance of quality women in my life, then I really need to start building social circle now.

Braddock and Mr. M go through the entire process of building, managing, training, and gaming your social circle. One of the most immediate benefits that I got from the seminar is knowing what NOT to do in my social circle. Without this seminar, I would have made a bunch of mistakes that probably would have destroyed all the work that went into building my social circle in the first place.

Braddock and Mr. M have compiled material that would take you years to test on your own and figure out for yourself. This is stuff is so new that you’re not going to read it in any book on pickup."

- T.C.O., Princeton, NJ

"A Roadmap to Building the Social Life You Always Wanted…"

"First off, this stuff absolutely blew my mind. I have no idea how Mr M and Braddock came up with this shit without a $10 million research grant.

I honestly believe that someone with no experience or knowledge of “pick up” science will benefit massively from Social Circle Mastery, and for those who do have a knowledge base – well this is just an entirely new level. This is how naturals CONSTANTLY have different, extremely hot women in relationships with them, without even knowing what cold approach is.

Finally, Social Circle Mastery is not just about having social circles from which you can date super hot women, it’s about having relationships with high-quality, positive people. The material contained here is essentially a roadmap to building the social life you’ve always wanted – if you didn’t think this was possible then you owe it to yourself to take this seminar. This will get you laid with the highest quality women, but the total effect is something much greater"

- P.L., Madison, WI

" much more ass it’s not even funny..."

"If I would have taken this when i was in college, I would have pulled so much more ass it's not even funny."

- I.M., Worcester, MA

"My life is already changing…"

"Although I seemed popular in my social circle I never got a girlfriend from my social circle. I have always been wondering what was wrong, and Social Circle Mastery cleared my mind on many important issues.

I would like to divide the Social Circle Mastery course into 3 main parts. The first part is the basic concepts of the social matrix. The core idea for this part is the definition of different types of connectors. You want to fill your social circle with social connectors, who have great social connections, and value connectors, who have access to rare resources. You don’t have to hate social dead end but you can’t spend much of your time on them, who can’t offer anything and cause you bad emotions all the time. This concept itself is very helpful, but you definitely need the seminar to get enough details on how to identify different types of connectors and how to befriend them. This concept is not trying to let you merchandize your friends. The truth is, you do have your goals to achieve (not only pick up girls), and you have limited time. So you do need to build a good social circle filled with connectors. Social Circle Mastery is not teaching you some dark science to trick your friends. It is just explains what successful people have done.

The second part is about how to build your social circle. The quote that I like most in this part is “life gives to the givers and takes from the takers”. You can’t just identify who are the connectors and just go ahead and get their social network or value. You need to provide value before you take any value from others. That is how things are balanced. Then it comes the very important concept of the structure of your social circle. Braddock divides any social circle into 4 layers. The most inner layer should have around 5 people, and the second layer should have around 10~15 people. These numbers are definitely not random and you will know why if you take the course. The seminar also discussed many important techniques on how to befriend connectors, among which alignment is the concept that I like most. It also covers some important strategies, such as you need to be in a high position of at least one social tree, and it is better to be at the top part of a high-value social tree than being the king of nerds.

The last part is how to get laid in your social circle. I don't want to talk much about this part because if you can really do the first and second part well, I think you don’t even need to try hard to get girls in your social circle. Still I think the 5 step social circle game is very helpful.

Summary: Social Circle Mastery really reveals the social matrix and I feel that I have a much better understand about social dynamics now. It is not long after I come back from the seminar, but as I start to apply the techniques, I can feel that my life is already changing. What the Social Circle Mastery seminar taught me is definitely beyond some trick to get girls, but it is something that will benefit me for my lifetime."

- P. N., Rennes, France

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