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If you want to:
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ALL while being natural and normal. (No more avoiding awkward questions about “where did you meet her?” or being alone on Saturday night)

Here’s What You Get When You Order the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course

Social Circle Mastery Seminar – available for stream/download through our customerhub site.

Your personal copy of the famous Social Circle Mastery seminars via customerhub (stream/download), by Braddock and Mr M. Each video is broken down into specific themes and fortified with on-screen explanations and enhancements – like being at one of the exclusive, $1,200 seminars only better.

The videos give you all the tools, regardless of your current situation, to implement Social Circle Mastery in your own life. Social Circle Mastery is a step-by-step system to truly become “the CEO of your own life”, surrounding yourself with the type of people and relationships that you want. It even covers situations like dealing with people who try to put you down (explicitly or subtly) and how to deal with old friends who might resent your your new success.

The impact goes across your whole life – Social Circle Mastery graduates report more satisfying relationships with family and friends, and better career opportunities — and is especially powerful with beautiful women.

Here’s the truth: Most women meet their men, from husbands to one-night stands, through friends. Some women only meet men through friends. So whether you’re looking for friends with benefits or something more serious...more choice means more fun, higher quality, and more women who fit all your criteria.

The course is exclusively available through our customerhub site which allows you to stream or download all the material. So you can play them on your laptop, gaming system, or anything else that has a web browser.

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Free Bonus #1: Social Circle Mastery Quickstart Guide (a $29.95 value)

Most people who hear about Social Circle Mastery want to get started right away. And sometimes you’re not somewhere where you can check something on one of the videos. That’s where the Quickstart Guide comes in. Within moments of placing your order, you’ll have access to the Quickstart Guide (and all the other bonuses) featuring 10 things you can right away to transform your social life.

Free Bonus #2: 10 Guaranteed Dates, by Vercetti and Mr M (a $39.95 value)

Don’t waste your chance with the woman you want (not to mention all the time and money) with dates that don’t go anywhere. Whether you want a girlfriend or a one-night stand, your best path is through a sexual relationship. Take her on a date that is designed to lead to seduction, without spending too much.

Free Bonus #3: Recording of the First Part of a Mr M Comprehensive Bootcamp (a $99.95 value)

Mr M is one of the most prestigious and sought-after dating coaches in the world. Of Asian descent and standing around 5’3, he is justifiably famous for picking up actresses, models, and (in front of an entire seminar class) a top Playboy Playmate. For the first time ever, listen in to the first part of the 23-hour weekend Comprehensive Bootcamp.

Free Bonus #4: Exclusive Social Circle live Q&A with Braddock and Savoy (a $49.95 value)

Any questions you still have after all the videos, all the books, all the audio, all the bonuses — answered here. Phone Consultations with either Braddock or Nick Savoy cost hundreds of dollars; sit in on this one for free with the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course.

Free Bonus #5: How to be an Alpha Male Book (a $29.95 value)

There are a lot of misconceptions about what an Alpha Male is and isn’t (It’s not about being a jerk or manipulating people). Crucial for how men and women will treat you, this book — like all of these bonuses -- is not available anywhere else for individual purchase. You can only get a copy FREE when you get your copy of the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course.

So that’s about $250 worth life-changing resources...PLUS the $1,200 seminar recording...PLUS getting everything guys at the seminar DIDN’T (on-screen explanations and information, getting to watch it over and over, and getting your own personal ‘notes’ to study)...ALL adding up to life full of beautiful women and limitless opportunities.

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