There’s a lot of “buzz” about Social Circle Mastery. Here are the Facts

The Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course has been about three years in the making. During that time, a lot of the same questions have come up. Before mailing our professional support team, please see if your question is answered here:

The Limited Edition Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course includes videos, books, audio, and on-screen directions as well as special exclusive bonuses. Originally offered as a DVD set, it is now exclusively available for stream or download through The videos come from the last few years of the Social Circle Mastery seminars. The seminar was so popular that people started asking for a program they could learn at home instead of flying to London, Los Angeles, or New York. While the videos include a full recording of the actual seminar, the Home Study Course also includes a lot of powerful additional material and techniques that could never have fit into a one-day seminar.

The seminar is no longer offered. The Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course is the only place to get this training.

Social Circle Mastery does not assume any specific skills or knowledge. It starts from the beginning. The only pre-requisite is the desire and ambition to set goals and to improve your social life. You don’t have to be manipulative — Social Circle Mastery works best when you are authentic.

Thousands of men just like you are already using the principles of Social Circle Mastery after attending the seminar. You can check out their descriptions of what they learned – and how their lives changed afterward – here.

Men of all ages, backgrounds, and professionals have used Social Circle Mastery to reclaim control over their lives, improve dating options, and to get excited about each day. It has special relevance to men who are in college, moving to a new city, or recently out of a relationship, as well as busy men who don’t have the time to be at nightclubs every night. But most of all — if you do not have regular, high-quality dating options from within your friends, Social Circle Mastery was made with you in mind.

Braddock and Mr M are two of the top dating coaches and pick up artists in the world today. Both are fixtures of the “top 10” lists (Braddock was #2 in the world last year) in part because of their contributions to the field of dating with Social Circle Mastery. Mr M is a former attorney, an Australian of Asian descent, living in London, while Braddock is from the heartland, in Oklahoma, and lives in Los Angeles.

As Love Systems Master Instructors, both Mr M and Braddock travel the world helping men succeed with women and changing their social lives. Spending only a few days at a time in a city once every few months, they not only teach the principles of Social Circle Mastery, they live it themselves.

As soon as you place your order for the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course, you will receive over $200 of free products right away – almost as much as the whole course! These bonuses include the “Quickstart Guide” so you can get started within minutes, while the main package is being shipped to you.

The full list of bonuses is available here.

Everything Love Systems has ever done has come with a complete money back guarantee.

With Social Circle Mastery, it’s especially easy to promise this. The original Social Circle Mastery seminar cost $1,200, which is far more than the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course and with far less information, and not a single person ever requested a refund.

So with the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course, you can try it out and see the results in your own life before making a decision. If you change your mind, just send us an email anytime in the next 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your money. This means that you can have your very own copy for a full 30 days to read through, check it out and see what you think - completely risk free.

Right away. Social Circle Mastery affects every aspect of your life, so you don’t need to wait to put it in practice. Start with the Quickstart Guide (one of the bonuses) which features things you can do immediately to change your life. In the few days before your package arrives, you can be well on your way!

The full list of bonuses is available here.
So what are you waiting for?

For the first time, all of the bonuses and the entire Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course will be available for stream/download immediately (Windows and Mac compatible) after placing your order.

It’s that simple – and risk free — to start changing your life TODAY.